Airship Fleet (Salvage Yard)

This is the second structure I have built in this series. It was designed around different principles than the fortress. I am using more, but smaller rock spires, and building most of the structure out from them and between them rather than primarily tunneling rooms out of the rock. The effect is a much more open plan, including an exterior stairwell connecting most of the levels. There are a fair number of design elements borrowed from offshore drilling rigs, particularly the helipad-like landing area.

A few features to note are the large bridge deck between the lighthouse and the main workshop. The lighthouse island has stacked porches and an underslung water reservoir. You can see the pipes from it running back to the main island.

The main island has a large warehouse/greenhouse along with crew quarters, a big mess hall, an overseer’s office, and indoor and outdoor bathing areas.

The wrecked ship was designed to look like it was slowly being integrated into a permanent part of the island. I took the Cruiser schematic and started punching holes everywhere and then went back and partially filled them with other materials. It would be nice if there was different type of wood planks to use to make it look older, but I am pretty happy with the result.


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Airship Fleet (Salvage Yard)