Ram: 256mb-6gb

Price: $5-$95 per month

Control Panel: Multicraft


Experience: From the get go I knew daddycheese would be an amazing host based on other reviews, but was I blown away when I moved from servercaft to daddycheese. When we started up and wanted to change our server ip and sent in a ticket, we got a reply in 10 minutes flat and bam it was done, then I wanted to transfer all my world files, I simply uploaded it to mediafire and they were happy to do it for me. The servers have been very reliable, the only problems have been the problems I cause not them. Overall my move from servercraft to daddycheese took about a day, with very very few errors in the process, it was great.

The multicraft control panel is great, you can customize your version of bukkit that they preload to every server, easily see whose online, your ram usage, your cpu usage, your config files, and an amazing ftp system. The restarts are fast and so is the server. Overall not a single complaint on the quality.

The support now has been great a little slower but still only a few hours at the most. They have a good team who knows what they are doing, and are extremely helpful. The client area makes the money side and support side of server hosting quick and easy.

They also offer mysql servers, custom domains, and dedicated servers.

The price is unbeatable, they offer discounts to begin with to help you get situated, which wouldn’t much matter anyway because their prices are very fair. I was able to get a 2 gig server for the same amount it costed me a month for a 1 gig server at my old host, fantastic.


Overall rating: 9 Not many complaints, just an amazing host