The CaliCraft server is an amazing, modern, and stable server that we work to keep online 24/7 for all of our users to enjoy. Unfortunately, this costs us money. Never fear however! On this page, you can donate to the server to earn free stuff, or you can do free surveys to unlock free stuff. The choice is yours!

MineCraft Server Cash (Free & Paid)

Cash is our primary donation reward. In our server, there is a shop that uses this cash and allows you to buy a ton of items and resources. You can use these resources to build the world of your dreams.

Cash can be bought in different amounts and packages. The more you buy, the better your deal is! Also – the cash instantly credits to your account on the server! Don’t worry. You don’t have to pay either. Cash can be earned for free. It takes seconds, and makes your gaming experience that much better!


$$ GET CASH NOW (PayPal) $$

VIP Ranks

VIP ranks are ways to distinguish yourself from others in-game. Each different VIP rank gets a colored name in chat, plus many perks to make your gaming experience more enjoyable!

    Rank perks include:


Donator: Special title, Teleporting, and the ability to change time.
Vip: Special title, Teleporting, The ability to change time, Ability to start an iconomy shop
Builder: Special title, Flying always allowed, Teleporting, Ability to change time, Ability to start an iconomy shop, Super Pick, and Admins will spawn items for you in the main world

Minecraft Username