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All our open positions can be found below…

Minecraft Downloads Blogger

-Search the web weekly for the best Minecraft Mods, Skins, Texture Packs, or Maps – provide a unique write up, and add it to the blog.
-Collaborate with other bloggers on the forums to make sure that you are not adding the same mods
-Provide download and Install instructions if applicable
-Provide a custom 100+ word blog post for each mod with at least 1 picture, video, or screenshot.
-Provide a download link (We provide you with hosting service if needed)

 -Add your own adf.ly links to each of your downloads and posts to make real money from your work! Some of our downloads receive thousands of clicks a week. Good articles and downloads = good money!
-Add your own website link to your author profile, so users can go to your personal site.
-Get a yourname@staff.minecraft-server.com email address after 3 months on the team.

Apply by sending an email to apply@minecraft-server.com