Pokemon is a favorite cartoon in USA, one of the main charaters in this anime is Pikachu and now you can download Pikachu Minecraft Skins and apply as your character. The Pikachu is a fictional character and one of the most popular Pokemon from the same video games, the Japanese game software company Game Freak, and a key figure in the related anime series. It is considered a mascot of the Pokémon franchise and is often seen on packaging for such products. The name “Pikachu” is made up of two Japanese words sound Pika, together for the sound of an electric spark, and Chu, for the beeping of a mouse. OsakaBioscience Institute of the Japanese researchers named after the Pokemon a newly discovered protein, Pikachurin, a role which is attributed to the motion vision. Below is Pikachu Minecraft Skins screenshot and link to download: