[1.7.2] Minecraft Planetoids Map

This map leaves the player in a world of little planets. Each hosts a new surprise for the user to explore! From lava filled dirt planets to water filled glass planets, and even some diamond planets, the player must use his resources wisely to jump onto the next planet. Will you survive or will you fall into the abbyss?!

planetoids is a map where you have to survive on spheres floating around in the world of minecraft, and inside the spheres lays minerals/resources/ores.

take Stone spheres for example, you can find iron, coal, gold, diamonds etc inside them, and the leaves spheres has wood in them :)

A vast world of Spheres to explore!


To play:

1. Download the map

2. extract the map using winzip or 7zip

3. Copy the files into the minecraft world saves directory in the .appdata folder

4. Enjoy!

Download Minecraft Map
Planetoids Map