Cloaks and More Accessories Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

The Cloaks and More Accessories Mod adds more things you can add to your character to personalize yourself in Minecraft. The first time we have seen something like this in Minecraft was when Deadmau5 played Minecraft and had Deadmau5 ears on his character. The next example of this Mod was when the Minecon attendees got capes. The Cloaks and More Accessories Mod adds the Deadmau5 ears, capes, top hats notch hats, bracelets and more to Minecraft so you can customize your character.

Minecraft needs something like this for multiplayer! You need more ways to show off on servers rather than just a cool skin. The Cloaks and More Accessories Mod will work on servers but only if the other players have this Mod installed which is a very slim chance. I hope Mojang adds something like this to Minecraft and add more accessories too!


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