Heuristix’s TheGunMod for Minecraft (1.2.5)

Improving technology is the key to surviving for vast amounts of time without being injured or weakened. Now with Heuristix’s new Gun mod, this technology is finally here! Explore the world of Minecraft with more than just a puny sword or bow, get guns! This mod features some of the most popular guns known today, like: Ak-47, Magnum, M1911, M60, SMAW, M4, Intervention, and many more. You will get addicted to TheGunMod so quickly it’s not even funny. Click Read More and follow the instructions on how to download this wonderful mod, and watch the video while your at it!

Minecraft Cart Mod | Version 1.2.5

The Cart Mod, is a Minecraft mod that allows you to bring carts along with you while you travel. There are four types of carts: Storage Cart, Crafting Cart, Smelting Cart, and the Dispensing Cart. You can even capture animals with a net and transfer them to different places with the cart! You can even move villagers in the carts! Even if a Mob kills you, all your items will be intact inside the cart. With this Cart Mod, you will enjoy yourself while you are always prepared for whatever Minecraft throws at you.

JohnSmith Texture Pack (1.2.5)

JohnSmith, a high-definition Minecraft Texture Pack for a variety of MineCraft versions (The latest being 1.2.5) features beautiful scenery and blocks. If you want to play Minecraft like a god, play with JohnSmith. The texture pack requires MCPatcher which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. The Texture Pack has many features including: HD Clouds, Color Tweaks, HD Blocks, HD Items, Lighting Tweaks, Fog, and much more! You will not be disappointed when you play on this texture pack.

Tony Montana – Scarface Skin | Minecraft 1.2.5

Scarface is a 1983 movie based on the life of Tony Montana when he arrives at the city of Miami. The movie shows how Tony becomes one of the greatest drug cartels ever as he rises to the top of the cocaine empire. Tony arrives in Miami from an event called the Mariel Boatlift, which was when Cubans began to emigrate to America in the 1980′s from Cuba’s Mariel Harbor. Tony Montana is played by Al Pacino in this 1932 film remake.  Numerous video games have been made based on the movie like: Scarface: The World Is Yours  and  Scarface: Money. Power. Respect. This Scarface skin is very nice and one of the best Tony Montana skins you will find for Minecraft.
Click “Download” to be redirected to the picture format, or click “Change” to automatically change the skin on you Minecraft account.

Throwing Spears Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

Have you ever wondered about being Robinhood and entering the world of thievery and deceit? Now is the chance for you to experience that by this great, new mod! Throwing Spears is a new mod by LearntoSpel which will enable to use over 10 different types of spears as a means of your satisfaction. The different types of spears include features such as :

  • Each spear has its own sprite and can be thrown by right clicking
  • They have their own graphic when thrown and have a custom sound when thrown
  • The spears do not have durability (as of yet)

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